Friday, July 8, 2011

Thrive Art School 2011

At the end of March Kendall wrapped up her classes at Thrive Art School. She had been going to Seattle with Grandma Fisher on Wednesday afternoon for art lessons.  They both really enjoyed the time and I was amazed at some of Kendall's work! 

Kendall with one of her drawings outside the school

Kendall with her teacher

Another pose outside the school

This is one of my favorite pictures that Kendall did


Friday, April 8, 2011

Pre-Skate Completed

In March Logan finished up his ice skating lessons by passing the last two levels at once!  Yeah Bubee!  So we will do Hockey in the fall! So proud and excited that he really enjoys it!

Testing with his teacher

Turning in his testing

Scoring his ribbons!  :0)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Woodland Elementry Carnival 2011

Friday Night was Kendall's school carnival.  It was a great family event! The kids played most of the games and ate lots of treats.  I was even able to win at the auction!  Kendall and her friend Lauren will get 2 hours with their teacher Mrs. Debruler, and they will make a beautiful "friends" themed scrapbook!

Woodland Elementary Carnival
March 18th 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011

St. Patrick's Day is always a lot of fun and this year seemed to be even more fun than previous years!

We started the morning with our traditional breakfast of green waffles!

Kendall had a school project of making a leprechaun trap and writing a story about it.  She did a great job and loved working on it! We did have a glitch in the morning when she went to pack it up the lego stairs fell apart! Since her and Austin-the Engineer, put them together I could not figure out how to put them back together! She was so upset, but decided to make stairs out of paper once she got to school which was 10 minutes late I might mention!

After getting the kids off to school it was a Thursday which means I was off to bowling! Just a pic of everyone in green!

After Bowling, we headed to Lady Luck's for lunch. Lorraine who bowls with me owns the place and she is just a kick in the pants to be around!

She passed out jello shots for everyone and yes that is Grandma Marilyn trying to do one!  Toooo Funny!

Lorraine was encouraging Sally to take the shot!

Sally tried but decided to use the spoon :0)

oh and in case you have never been to Lady Luck's they have a bar made to dance on! Yep that is the old ladies up there!  Good thing nobody broke a hip :0)

Lorraine cheering us on!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!

Happy Birthday Melissa

Melissa turned 14 this year and we celebrated at her house with all the family.
Happy Birthday Melissa!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wands & Water fun at the GWL

We took off on a mini-vacation these last couple of days to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound Washington! We went to celebrate Logan's birthday month and the kids had a couple of days off of school for parent/teacher conferences. We had a wonderful time!  We have been there before, but this time the kids seemed to enjoy everything a lot more.  Kendall was able to go on all the slides and Austin and I took turns going on the "Tornado" with her-AWESOME water slide!  I loved it as much as she did! Logan was a lot more comfortable in the wave pool, not sure if he will feel the same way this summer when he doesn't have the life jacket, but he stayed in the wave pool most of the time even though he could go on all the slides but the Tornado.  Avery loved the kiddie park and was all over it, not a fan of the slides though! The kids played the wand game both days as well and even finished one of the adventures by beating the dragon, and of course no mini-vacation would be complete with out some treats and ice-cream it was!  We loved the Great Wolf Lodge, especially since there was a wind advisory happening and raining sideways when we checked into the hotel.  The 80 degree indoor pool was a great break from the rain!

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Titus

Matt and Nancy were married in February 2011, in California.  Since all of the family did not make the trip to Cali a small reception was held when they were up visiting the Everette area last weekend!
Toast time
Chatting with friends and family
Proud Dad-Al giving his toast speech
the cake
cutting the cake
re-enacting the feeding of the cake to each other
We are so lucky to have Nancy joining the family! Congrats to the happy couple!
FYI- this picture was taken by Logan while he was playing with my camera and he did pretty well I think!